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Rim Lighting

Photography TipsHave you ever tried to use rim lighting? It's a great thing to know if you haven't learned yet, and here's a short refresher if you already know. When there's a light on the far side of someone, the light leaks through right around their head illuminating their hair or hat. Sometimes the line can be so crisp that it looks as though they're being cut out. Rim light is beautiful, and it adds a ton of visual interest to a photo. The real win here is taking an extra second to try and look around your environment for some kind of rim lighting. Don't settle for the light you're given, find better light. And also plan to show up during golden hour, instead of trying to do photoshop later and add in something fake. More about rim lighting from New York Institute Of Photography: https://www.nyip.edu/photo-articles/cameras-and-gear/what-is-rim-lighting

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When No One Will Hire You


How do you break this cycle?? : So you don’t have any wedding photos in your portfolio –> so no one will hire you –> so you can’t take any wedding photos –> so you don’t have any wedding photos in your portfolio.

  • Reach out to other people who know what they’re doing and have done it before and try to hop on their train, however you can
  • Reach out on Facebook forums/ Put out a Craigslist ad
  • Do your own styled shoot! As a second shooter it’s hard to get the perfect angle, and you’re not able to call the shots, so you’re not able to get the exact photos you might want.
  • Make your own situation happen! Figure it out.
  • Offer to friends to shoot their wedding. But make sure you’re prepared, because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It’s not worth wrecking a friendship over wedding photography gone bad.
  • When you feel confident enough, talking through the day and knowing in all the different situations you’ll be shooting in that you’ll be prepared (super-dark reception, blazing sun outside, camera breaks, you drop a lens, etc)
  • Ask me anything photo/business related on twitter @grainhappy !