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Rim Lighting

Photography TipsHave you ever tried to use rim lighting? It's a great thing to know if you haven't learned yet, and here's a short refresher if you already know. When there's a light on the far side of someone, the light leaks through right around their head illuminating their hair or hat. Sometimes the line can be so crisp that it looks as though they're being cut out. Rim light is beautiful, and it adds a ton of visual interest to a photo. The real win here is taking an extra second to try and look around your environment for some kind of rim lighting. Don't settle for the light you're given, find better light. And also plan to show up during golden hour, instead of trying to do photoshop later and add in something fake. More about rim lighting from New York Institute Of Photography: https://www.nyip.edu/photo-articles/cameras-and-gear/what-is-rim-lighting

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QPT 018 – Focus Your Business


Deliver a product that other people can count on.

  • Customers that see your work will hire you for what you’ve done before.
  • Coca-cola looks a specific way, always tastes the same, in the same bottle with the same colors. You KNOW WHAT IT IS because they’ve stuck with it.
  • The opposite of that is a photographer who shoots EVERY kind of photography and edits many different ways and delivers a different experience every time.
  • To succeed with business, you need to be very clear who you are and what you do.
  • It’s okay to find SOME ruts to stay in. Ruts aren’t all bad. Don’t keep being unique and changing your product once you develop a winning product.
  • Imagine if Coca-Cola kept changing. If you thought about buying a coke but saw that came in a bag or a pouch, had a different color, had a different font for the logo and had totally different coloring on the package, you wouldn’t trust the product as much. You might not even buy it.
  • CREATIVITY IS BEAUTIFUL. You have to keep being creative. But you must understand that as far as developing a wedding photography business or photography business where you serve clients directly, you need to be able to deliver the same type of service. And the same style of images. And the same branding/packaging and the same type of experience.
  • That way, people will know that they can trust you enough to pass your name onto other clients.