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Rim Lighting

Photography TipsHave you ever tried to use rim lighting? It's a great thing to know if you haven't learned yet, and here's a short refresher if you already know. When there's a light on the far side of someone, the light leaks through right around their head illuminating their hair or hat. Sometimes the line can be so crisp that it looks as though they're being cut out. Rim light is beautiful, and it adds a ton of visual interest to a photo. The real win here is taking an extra second to try and look around your environment for some kind of rim lighting. Don't settle for the light you're given, find better light. And also plan to show up during golden hour, instead of trying to do photoshop later and add in something fake. More about rim lighting from New York Institute Of Photography: https://www.nyip.edu/photo-articles/cameras-and-gear/what-is-rim-lighting

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QPT 006 – Best Camera, Worst Photog VS. Worst Camera, Best Photog

So if you gave the best camera to the worst photographer or the worst camera to the best photographer, who takes a better photo? In this podcast we talk:

  • Don’t let equipment stop you.
  • It’s not JUST clarity or lack of grain or lens zoom.
  • What really makes a photo is the person’s inner eye, their artistic vision
  • How can you grow as a photographer in a way that isn’t dependent on the gear you have?
  • If you understand light, emotion, composition, etc you can take amazing photos just with a cell phone camera.
  • Bad light vs beautiful light is a complete change in the photo
  • The LIGHT quality, angle, color, contrast between darks/lights makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the photo
  • Keep the same camera you have, and UP YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF LIGHT.
  • Use a white sheet as a diffuser to spread out a light source to get smooth shadows
  • You become a better photographer by learning to see the world differently. Not buying better gear.
  • You could go years and years into learning how to understand light.
  • Learning light is the biggest thing you could do to change your photography instead of upgrading your gear