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Rim Lighting

Photography TipsHave you ever tried to use rim lighting? It's a great thing to know if you haven't learned yet, and here's a short refresher if you already know. When there's a light on the far side of someone, the light leaks through right around their head illuminating their hair or hat. Sometimes the line can be so crisp that it looks as though they're being cut out. Rim light is beautiful, and it adds a ton of visual interest to a photo. The real win here is taking an extra second to try and look around your environment for some kind of rim lighting. Don't settle for the light you're given, find better light. And also plan to show up during golden hour, instead of trying to do photoshop later and add in something fake. More about rim lighting from New York Institute Of Photography: https://www.nyip.edu/photo-articles/cameras-and-gear/what-is-rim-lighting

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Finding Your Confidence – QPT 036

Finding your confidence as a photographer is tricky because if you don’t have it, you don’t know how to get it! So here’s number #1 — start at a place where you are getting the YESSES you want. Do work where you hear people saying yes to you. THEN, step number #2, start aiming for some no’s. To get all the yesses you want, you’re most likely undervaluing yourself or giving away your work for free So that’s why with step #2, you start aiming towards valuing yourself more by asking for more from your clients. FIRST you start getting comfortable getting yesses, then start getting comfortable getting no’s. If you aim for getting no’s first, it’ll be hard for you to keep going because you won’t feel like you’re winning! We actually value NO more than YES right now — because if someone has a CLEAR YES, that’s the perfect client to work with. So as someone says no, we’re thankful that we’re still open for really confident yesses. DON’T GIVE DEALS. If you want to do a job at a certain price, do it at that price. For instance if you typically “charge” $500 and then say, “oh I’ll give you a discount, it’ll just be $300” change the way you do that and just say, it’s $300 and don’t give a discount at all. No difference in price for them, but a complete difference in that YOU hear yourself saying that your services are worth a certain amount of money and you stand firmly on that instead of being wishy-washy or so quick to cut the price down. When you offer deals/discounts you get in a pattern of hearing “Oh, you’re not worth that amount of money, I’ll pay you LESS though” which makes you feel like you’re […]

Planning: The STRESS killer – QPT 035

Planning. Is. Awesome. Even if you aren’t a BORN planner. Planning for engagement shoots for us at the beginning meant that we would write out the EXACT shot Both of us were nervous that we would go BLANK creatively in the middle of shooting That planning list got shorter and shorter, the more shoots we did (As a side note, having a partner gives you more time to think creatively during a shoot. Tell your clients too to expect you to have time to think) Rolling up to weddings NOW, we have a great plan of what’s going on. The space, the time schedule, family shot combinations, etc. We send a question sheet to the couple ahead of time, which includes way more than this: contact names and phone numbers of the important people of the day, vendor info, couple’s new address (to send stuff to after the wedding), questions about ceremony photo restrictions, etc You want to be your BEST creative self walking into a wedding. If you’re prepared and if you PLAN, you can BE your best creative self. Leave as much brain power as you can for your creative side, and the way to do that is to PLAN AHEAD about all the other stuff. “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning” – Gloria Steinem

Perfectionism – QPT 032

Perfectionism is a tough rut to break out of. How important is it that all your editing is perfectly technically correct? I used to want ART to be MATH. But it’s not. If I like the image, I’m done. If you need to find YOUR line of editing, listen to the last podcast If you don’t pay attention to the way you FEEL, sometimes you’ll keep trying to make it perfect and you miss the bigger picture I’m trying my best to NOT worry and NOT nitpick As a photographer, you’ll see things that other people DON’T. Most people don’t zoom in until they can see the pixels to view the image. They look at the entire image. We want lenses to be sharp, but don’t make too big a deal about it. Think of photos from 50 years ago!! The shots weren’t the sharpest, but they’re still fully emotional. Gear will always get better and better Don’t focus SO FAR IN on the details that you MISS the bigger picture. If you move on more quickly, you’ll get BETTER FASTER. If you’re working on MORE images instead of frustrating yourself with JUST ONE, you’ll become a better editor quickly. Don’t get lazy, that’s not the point here. If this podcast helped you, pay me back with ONE minute of your time! Please review the podcast right here.

The Struggle Of Comparison (w/John Yates) – QPT 029

The first mistake: trying to please everyone. We welcome back John Yates of Celladora Photography and we talk: Find satisfaction with your own work, and definitely be in touch with what your best clients like. Do you struggle with wanting/getting likes? Us too. You’re not alone with that. But start looking inwards for affirmation because finding it anywhere else is a losing battle. Spend time doing something you enjoy, and you’ll get hired for that! People love to see work you’ve ALREADY done BEFORE they hire you for themselves. Don’t ever share work that you don’t want to replicate:) The best way to fight against comparison is to go CREATE instead of sitting at home and looking at other people’s work. Put social media down. Do it. Do it now. (To help me, I asked my wife to change my password to facebook, and I had her log in for me when I wanted to go on. I still went on but since it wasn’t as accessible I went on WAY LESS.) “The struggle with comparison doesn’t happen near as much when you’re creating and living out of that creative spirit.” When you create something for yourself, the WORST CASE SCENARIO is personal satisfaction. Best case scenario: others will see it and hire you. BAM. What would you create if you knew that no one else was going to see it? THIS IS HUGE. Because instead of thinking about what others will like, you have to look inward and really create the art for yourself. The struggle with comparison doesn’t happen near as much when you’re creating and living out of that creative spirit. Shut your phone off, and go take some pictures!

Let’s Talk About HATERS (w/John Yates) – QPT 028

John shares an awesome/horrible story about a hater. Someone sent him multiple anonymous emails just tearing him apart, his website, his work, everything. Then he found out that this person sent similar emails to 5-6 other photographers. But the funny part is that John looks up to these other 5-6 photographers, so it was almost nice that he was included in the same list haha. You kind of have to feel bad for this person! They wasted their whole day hating on people instead of going out and making a productive day happen With any level of success comes with haters. Think Justin Bieber — so so loved by some people and so so hated by others. If your work is forgettable and lukewarm, you probably won’t have many haters because people won’t really notice you. But if you’re polarizing, you’ll be remembered, even if people don’t like it. “If your work is forgettable and lukewarm, you probably won’t have many haters because people won’t really notice you. But if you’re polarizing, you’ll be remembered, even if people don’t like it.” You have to be okay with taking some criticism! Have a small circle of trust for people to give you feedback, and listen to THEM. Don’t listen to anonymous angry people that are probably discouraged artists themselves. Don’t be in the business of pleasing everyone. If you create something that people LOVE, that very same exact thing will probably also be hated by someone, somewhere, somehow. Even if you’re someone who LOVES everyone, there will still be someone who hates people who love everyone In the words of Tay Swift, HATERS GONNA HATE. So just SHAKE IT OFF

Why Set Goals? (w/John Yates) – QPT 027

It’s January 1st and we’re talking goals. But if you just say that you want to “make it” in your industry, what does that even mean? We dive in with John Yates of Celladora Photography: Here’s the system John uses — S.M.A.R.T. goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) If you say you want to “make it”, it’s not clear and not specific, because that could be different for each person. For example, if you were a musician, instead make a goal like “We want to be signed to a major record label” or  “We want to play 150 shows a year.” Way more specific, and a lot more helpful. Being “better” creatively is insanely hard if not impossible to measure. For a beginner photographer, good measurable goals are: the amount of inquiries you get, the percentage of inquiries that turn into paid clients, how many referrals you get, etc. Once you start to measure goals, you can change your behavior to help your progress! WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. Don’t just keep your goals in your head. Make sure you have a time value connected to your goals. This means…make a deadline. Deadlines are huge for humans. Humans NEED deadlines. Jobs will expand to fill the time you give them. GET A SYSTEM. Doesn’t have to be this one, but GET and USE a system. My personal system is different than John’s — I have a list of things that I need to do every day that I check off, and I write down my BIG WINS down. Getting those big wins done FIRST is essential because otherwise the URGENT yet NON-ESSENTIAL tasks will get done instead (like replying to emails that won’t help me grow the business). If you want to read more about how to succeed in this new year, take a look […]